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HVAC Professionals

We're not your average "box kicker" distributor!

Since 1978, Water Energy has been dedicated to geothermal system expertise. We know that providing Professional HVAC Contractors with top-quality geothermal equipment is just the begining of the project, and the relationship. Water Energy adds the value of "end-to-end" support for every geothermal system we sell. We employ three Certified Geoexchange Designers (CGD) and eleven IGSHPA certified geothermal professionals to help you make sure the job is done right. We'll help you minimize your installation costs and project headaches through accurate design and implementation support. In this way, we help maximize operational efficiency, system longevity and overall satisfaction for you and your client.

We support  Professional HVAC Contractors

Professional contractors that apply Water Energy geothermal systems receive preliminary through as-built design site-based formal start-up assistance, and lifetime system support. Here are just a few of the perks professional HVAC customers enjoy...

  • Manual J room-by-room heat loss/gain analysis for residential projects - ACCA and/or state geo program parameters are used via Wrightsoft's Manual J
  • Accurate mechanical layouts and equipment scheduling - We'll help you specify all system elements so you can get your estimate right the first time
  • Preliminary through as built  earth-coupling designs - Water Energy will design all IGSHPA approved earth-coupling methods
  • On-site project start up visits - Hands on support to you and your team
  • Aggressive warranty support 
  • Lead prequalification and marketing assistance - We get geo-specific inquiries from all over the northeast. Ask how we can help generate geo business for you and your company.
  • Marketing and customer communication support
  • Lifetime system support


More than just a distributor!

  • Design Support: 
    Water Energy provides complimentary heating and cooling load calculations as well as earth coupling and piping configuration design at no cost to our installing contractors on most residential projects. Try us out and let us prove our slogan "Geothermal with Confidence".
  • Tech Support:
    Water Energy employs three full time Certified Geoexchange Designers (CGD) and eleven Accredited Installer (AI) IGSHPA certified geothermal professionals. We provide pre-start up and formal start up support visits, utility program support, ongoing project file maintenance and expert warranty service to all our HVAC contractors.
  • Professional Training:
    Water Energy offers comprehensive N.A.T.E. recognized training to help you gain the confidence you need to install geothermal systems effectively and efficiently. Find out how you can save big and take advantage of our support services when you get Water Energy certified!
  • Legacy Systems Support:
    Servicing or replacing an older geothermal system? Water Energy is uniquely qualified to identify the right replacement parts/units for virtually every geothermal heat pump system currently in the field. 


We only distribute and design with the best quality equipment in the business!

Climatemaster geothermal heating and cooling systems
ClimateMaster Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Industry Leader
  • Most Innovative Product Line
  • Best Controls, Including Unit "Sentinel"
  • Full Residential & Commercial Lines
  • Expert Water Energy Support!

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Hydron Module Geothermal Systems
Hydron Module Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • The "Sherman Tank" of the Industry
  • Simple "User Friendly" Controls
  • Best Warranty in the Industry
  • Most Complete Residential Line
  • Expert Water Energy Support!

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Comfort-Aire Geothermal Systems
Comfort-Aire Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Excellent Value
  • Top Quality Systems
  • Great Warranty
  • Full Residental & Commerical Lines
  • Expert Water Energy Support!

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