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"Standing Column Well" Engineers Workshop

"Standing Column Well" Engineers Workshop

There is more to geothermal earth design than just closed loop!

2-Day Intensive Geothermal Well Design and Engineering Workshop

New ANSI/CSA 448 geothermal standard

Standing Column WellThe facts:

The Geothermal Well earth exchange method…

  • Delivers 23% more thermal efficiency than the AHRI specified Closed Loop
  • Delivers 23% more hourly capacity in heating, and 9% in cooling than the AHRI specified Closed Loop
  • Provide from 2 tons to 43 tons of heat exchange capacity per borehole
  • Cost less than 1/3 of what their Closed Loop counterparts cost in bedrock applications
  • Can be used for both GeoExchange AND potable water. A valuable symbiotic efficiency in your building project plans
  • Have been applied successfully throughout New England for over 40 years
  • Design specification is applicable for HVAC design all over the world

Course requisites:

  • Offered exclusively to graduate engineers and Certified Geoexchange Designers
  • Each workshop limited to a maximum of 5 attendees

Optional day 3: New England “Geo Well System Tour” including a 200 ton school project, a 135 ton Public Library project and a 615 ton Nursing Hospital project

Contact Christina at 800-436-6017 ext. 23 or email for workshop syllabus and dates 

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